Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bipolar Girl Rules the World and Other Stories

There is SO much I want to say, in returning to this blog.

But the most important thing...on Sunday, July 9, 2006, I wrote that "someday, I would make a documentary film with the name "Bipolar Girl Rules the World," but until then, it's my blog." Well, on May 15 I turned in my proposal to Women Make Movies, a fiscal sponsorship organization in New York, NY. So if they say "yes," I'm officially open for business (meaning, I can raise money for the film).

Anyways, I did it!

The goal is to have the film done by around this time in 2009.

Ok, so one step at a time. Right. One step at a time.

For now, enjoy a rough sketch of Bipolar Girl! Notice her levitating pink cowgirl boots! And look for more updates soon!


Syd said...

That's awesome news. Congratulations!! I wish you much success.

Anonymous said...

Having a small sense of the breadth of your knowledge I am going to guess you already have read One SmallStep Can Change Your Life--The Kaizen Way. The author repeats himself and he is redundant and he says the same thing over and over and several times making a point again, time after time. Anyway, it has helped me and I applaud your accomplishment and GREAT PICTURE!

Anonymous said...

Yeahhhhhhhh Dawn!!!!!
I like your picture a lot,she looks very powerful, yet kind....

Dawn said...

hey, thanks y'all! and I have not, in fact, ready "One Small Step Can Change Your Life." I am currently reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, and I am finding it life changing.