Friday, March 02, 2007

these are the cute shoes

The last shoe photo on my blog garnered many positive comments, so I can only imagine many of you are wondering, "what are those cute shoes Dawn referred to in her last post?"

Well, let me show and tell. My new favorite shoe brand is Seychelles. I've almost worn out my pointy toed red flats I bought this summer; here are my new khaki green wedgies.


Anonymous said...

Title reminds me of a joke.
Long footwear...feline's bad habits...
unfortunate mastication incident....guilty party discovered....
Punchline: Pardon me boy is that the cat that chewed your new shoes - (Hint: Chattanooga).
Oh well,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Great writing.
Love, Joto

Carol said...

Cute! They will go well with your autumn coloring.