Saturday, July 08, 2006

why blog?

I'm blogging because I'm sitting here thinking what would be the exact perfect way to start this blog and I want to let go of some of my perfectionist tendencies.

I'm blogging because I like to tell funny stories on myself.

I'm blogging because lately I've been creating all of these stories in my head and I want to write them down.

I'm blogging because I think that some of the things I have to say are relevant to other people, their struggles and joys and just the day-to-day getting by of it all.

I'm blogging because I'm working to be present in my life, to really engage, to fight against numbness and despair, and I think writing helps. Plus, I'm thinking about the ideas of presence and spirit in so many areas of my life, I think it will be a recurring theme.

I'm blogging because I'm seeking community and dialogue around ideas that are important to me.

I'm blogging because the idea of linking to other website, and including images and sound sounds like a lot of fun.

I'm blogging because I'm inspired by my friend Jerry's blog (he's a comic genius, don't you know).

I'm blogging because I write about my family and friends, and this will be an interesting place to begin to think about what it means to negotiate those public/private boundaries.

I'm blogging to get into the discipline of writing something every day.

I'm blogging because I believe to be a writer, you have to write stuff, and maybe, pieces of this blog can be starting places for other, larger projects.

Ok, so there you go. I'm blogging. I am a blogger.


Jerry said...

These are all excellent reasons. I'm happy to hear that my blog inspired you, even though I write almost exclusively about goofy shit, and you're going to be writing about, you know, actual stuff.

"To be a writer you have to write stuff." That's one of those things that's so true, but nobody ever bothers to say it. So, thank you for saying it.

Ed said...

I hear you in your words. I do so enjoy listening to you write.

lastewie said...

Welcome Dawn! And thanks, Jerry, for pointing me over here.

Oh, and Dawn? Did you go see a show at the Artscenter last fall put on by Wambui something? A one woman show about her travels and travails with bipolar? Cause if you did, I think I met you there.

Jerry can put you in touch with me.