Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy 2010!

Hey y'all...

I think this is going to be a really good year, and I say that in spite of the fact that I have been sick for the last two weeks with some kind of scary chest coughing kind of thing. I'm not scary-sick, just cruddy sick, but the cough scares people. Seriously, it's loud.

The good news is that I got in my first MFA application on time (wahoo!) to UNC-Wilmington, which is tied first place with Rutgers-Camden as my first choice of programs. I've got another five or so applications due by February 1, so we'll see how it goes.

I've got lots to share, so I'm going to try to post more regularly... (she says, again!)


David E. Felton said...

Hey Dawn Dreyer,
I'm glad to find your blog! I've tried my hand at the medium, and I think it takes a lot of bravery. (Visit my now old & moldy ramblings at The Feltonian Institute on blogspot.) You're much braver than me, and I have the utmost respect in your efforts to confront the most difficult parts of your self in your writing here.
The timing of your Jan. 3 post is making my head spin. I came upon your blog because I was looking online for a possible email address for you. I've been procrastinating terribly on trying to complete at least a couple of grad school applications, and I have been thinking for several weeks that I would love it if you could compose a letter of recommendation on my behalf.
But being me I have just thought and thought and taken no action. Well, no action other than at least one previous half-hearted online effort, pretending that having done that I had actually made some real progress towards the goal of contacting you. And worrying all along that you might take offense for some reason, at my asking you.
Then tonight finding your blog, and your entry being about your own efforts with grad school applications. Head spinning ensues. I wish you the best of luck with your applications and the heartiest of congratulations on your first complete submission.
If there is any way that you could help me in my attempts to complete applications for the UNCG & Wake Forest MFA programs by writing a recommendation for me that would be fantastic. Unfortunately I have left it to the last minute and the application deadline for Wake is Jan. 15 and UNCG Jan. 25. If you are able to oblige this request I would greatly appreciate it. You can reach me at '' and let me know if this is feasible at all for you, and if so I can provide you with more particulars.
Thanks for even considering it, and it's totally cool if you can't oblige this tardy request. Regardless, I wish you the best of luck with your MFA quest. I'll look forward to catching the animated 'Bipolar Girl Rules the World' and to checking in with your journey on your blog now that I've found it.
It's nice to see you teaching again at the Center. I'm hoping to get a little more done towards my Graham Cinema project and get into the final project class in March, & try to complete what I began so long ago in your class. Take care, whatever happens with grad schools for either of us, it's nice to be in touch with you, best of luck with everything.
Cheers, David Felton

Raptor Owl said...

Dawn, I had that awful bronchial cough too. My doctor recommended a weird remedy, but it did work. Take a t-shirt and wet it thoroughly, then twist and squeeze as much water out as possible. Next, take a hot shower with the water focused on your chest, front and back (try and keep your hair dry. Put the damp shirt on, then put on jammies. Go to sleep. He said that this method would raise the white blood cell count. Also, try Ivy Leaf cough syrup. Sprouts carries it. It all works so fast. I was sick for 3 weeks before I tried this and the day after, my coughing all but ceased. What a relief. Good Luck with Rutgers.