Thursday, April 23, 2009

i'm a little taken aback...

by how much my post from December 09 still applies. Lots of the same issues going on...

I want to post a little each day on this blog, just as writing practice.

Today has been a jangly day. I sent out an announcement about my new documentary project consulting business (yay!); sent out a no to an opportunity to write a newspaper article (not thrilled about that, but at least I was accountable; paid most of my bills; completed a consulting project (yay); and thought very hard about tackling the foot tall weeds in my yard.

This description doesn't sound so bad, actually, but it leaves out the anxiety so intense that I can actually see little dots of light in front of me. My mom visited this morning and that was a tremendous help...

Perhaps my most important accomplishment of the day was updating my Netflix queue to reflect who I actually am (intelligent comedy, vampire series, and misanthrope doctors) vs. the films that have sat by my DVD player for a month (foreign drama and a very bad "This American Life" tv series). I was going to quit all together, but I'll give it another chance.

I also took out my recycling, which was a major accomplishment as it had been a few weeks. It felt like a real moral victory, which should tell you something about how I've been lately.


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