Thursday, February 28, 2008

a few PPH (post Pendle Hill) thoughts not ringed by terror

Ok, so I had my first productive PPH thoughts this morning:

1) I will pay attention to leanings, and understand that exploring an option does not mean a commitment.

2) For the sake of my whole being, I must continue to make it a first priority that I live a God-centered life. (I'm not saying I always keep this priority now, even in the sacred space of Pendle Hill. But I see the difference in my life as a result, and it simply does not make any sense to do otherwise.)

3) I am willing to be underemployed in order to give my art, spirit, and emotional life room to develop and grow. Especially if the work is life-and-spirit filled for me. Note to Mom & Dad: I am NOT selling myself short or saying that I don't deserve to receive fair renumeration for the work that I do. Really. I'm just opening up some space in a time of transition.

4) I don't want to jump immediately into some huge job that will take all my attention and energy. I want to practice living/working outside of Pendle Hill without sabotaging myself.

5) I want to earn enough money to support myself, and I am willing to live on a budget (and stop buying stuff) in order to allow room for the spirit to work in my life.

6) I am also willing to throw all of the above out of the window, because, to love God means knowing that you just don't know what the heck will happens next. I may be the executive director at a major non-profit organization with a 25 million dollar endowment starting July 1. Who knows?

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