Monday, October 08, 2007

Even the fat parts?

The other day in meeting, someone quoted a t-shirt -- "God loves everybody -- no exceptions." Which is a really good concept to keep in mind...lest we fall prey to the seductive belief that "God hates all the same people we do" (to paraphrase Anne Lamott). The person speaking went a few steps further, saying that not only is God in everyone, no exceptions, but that all parts of each of us is God. Not that we are God, but that all of us is God. (I'm not sure this is making sense, but I'll keep going.)

So today I was sitting on my bench (not technically mine, but I like it a lot) and considering this idea -- that all of me is God -- when the thought popped into my head -- "wow, even the fat parts?"

And then I started laughing out loud -- by myself, on my bench -- well, because I thought it was funny. And then, I heard/thought:

"Yes, even the fat parts."

And then I laughed and also got choked up, and I felt good.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I hope you keep writing here. I want to follow your journey. I am jealous!
I've been enlightened by what you've said so far.

Bottom line: PLEASE POST MORE OFTEN! (no, I'm not in emotion mind as I type this :) :)