Thursday, September 20, 2007

i have left chronos time...

and I am flying along in kyros time. Chronos, chronological, where life transitions take months and change is sensibly incremental -- gone.

Nope, I'm in kyros, where minutes and hours and days are shown to be the arbitrary human-made structures that they are...

that to say, the hovering presence that was too much to even write about in a previous blog post...well, it's happened.

Over a period of weeks (literally, weeks!), I was invited to apply for and received funding to participate in the resident program at Pendle Hill, "a Quaker center for spiritual growth, study, and service" outside of Philadelphia, PA. I leave Durham on September 28 and will be living at Pendle Hill until June.

I've quit my job and rented out my house. My parents are keeping my dog (this is hard, though not for Kacey -- she'll be happily spoiled and loved).

After all of these years of saying, I want more time for my own creative work, I want to be more present in my life...we'll, folks, I'm taking the leap.

more soon.


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