Friday, November 03, 2006

shoes make me happy

I was just reading another blog and the author put a picture of a pair of her new shoes on her site, and since I'm wearing my fancy new shoes today, I'm posting two different views on my blog. Please notice how fantastically well they match my jacket while not yet being too matchy.

And yes, I'm hiding my face behind the shoe. I'm holding off on posting a picture of myself for the time being. Not sure why, because it's not like I'm keeping much to myself.

Oh -- it's interesting to me who reads my blog. Like, A., who technically works for me, but in reality (and maybe this just makes me more comfortable to think this way) works with me, said to me the other day, "If your boss had a blog, wouldn't you read it?" Yes, indeed, I would. She later said that she liked it, really.

One last thing. I'm struggling much with the whole being present thing. I went to swim today, and realized that I'd swam eight laps before I remembered I was in a pool. Meaning, my mind was racing about all the things it was racing about in the office, and it took that long to even notice that I wasn't noticing where I was. You know, in water. Thankfully, I can swim on automatic, though I did try to focus more on the experience of moving through water for the rest of my swim.

Enjoy the shoes.


mojo said...

Your shoes do look great and it is incredible how well they match your jacket.
You have posted your face, in the family photo, but I thought the mystery of doing it with the shoe in front was a nice touch!
Keep writing, you do it so well.

fashion said...

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