Thursday, October 12, 2006

na na na na na na today is my birthday...

and though not completely free of the funk of my last post, I'm having a good day. Lovely breakfast with mom & dad, lovely cake and singing from work-folks, lovely wishes and flowers and presents...and phone calls with good wishes.

and then out tonight on a surprise birth-day-date with L., and then we go to my folk's house on Friday for my favorite supper (chuck steak) and homemade mocha cake (thanks Oma!).

Then a weekend with no plans. It's kind of an amazing feeling. Who knows what I'll do! Or not do.

I'm grateful, grateful, grateful. For family, friends, a home, a sense of dark humor, for sustenance. I’m a lucky bird.

So thank-you, you, if you are reading this message. If I know you, thanks for all you bring to my life. And, um, if I haven’t called you in a while, I will. I really want to get together. Soon. More then likely, I miss you. It’s just that my priorities have been out of whack and I’ve been fighting a blue mood, and, and – well, I miss you. Y’all know who you are.

Maybe birthdays could be kind of like the day when the library lets you bring your books back without paying a fine? And you could let me back into your life even though I haven’t returned your phone call/email/etc.?

Not sure how all that came up.

Happy Birthday to me…and many more.


Lizzie said...

Happy Birthday Dawn! You are loved and we are all very glad you were born into this crazy world! This is my first time to post a note on a blog! Happy Birthday!

xo, Lizzie

Jerry said...

Happy birthday! And I hate everyone, too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dawn from UnkaJoe and da rest of da Famly.
Birthday puzzle. Fill in the blank.
___ na na na na na na na na.
(Hint: Iran) [and Iran spelled backwards is na ri, and this is nary a clue.]
Uncle Joe & Fam.

mojo said...

didn't get uncle joe's puzzle. Is it really obvious and I'm too deeply intellectual to get it?
again, happy birthday!